New and Improved

LCCSWEB has increased its productivity to introduce an automated billing, support and upgrade / downgrade options client portal. LCCSWEB Clients will receive high quality professional looking invoices. PDF versions are attached to every invoice related email LCCSWEB sends, including new invoice notifications, and payment reminder notices, so our clients don’t even need to visit our site to view their bill.

Credits System will allow our clients to deposit funds to prefund their accounts with LCCSWEB, and automatically keeps track of and applies any overpayments to future invoices.

Automated Reminders are setup to notify LCCSWEB clients about unpaid invoices and overdue balances and warn about service suspensions and notifications.

Support Ticket Billing lets you bill your clients for time or work arranged in tickets automatically when replying to a ticket without needing to perform a separate process.

We're growing with the help of you the LCCSWEB Client. I appreciate all my clients and standy by our 24/7/365 telephone support. If you have a problem please look through our knowledgebase and if you can not find the answers please feel free to open a support ticket.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

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