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Logo Design has to be the most important part of your web presence. The branding and logo of your website attract and intriege visitors to further look at your website and print. There are many different options when it comes to a logo for your company. There are creative logos, professional logos, 3D logos, and even mixtures of them all. Regardless, a logo is certainly necessary to optimize your company’s success!

What are logo designs?
A logo is an important aspect of your company, and its website.
The purpose of a logo is to cause immediate recognition from customers. A logo causes a customer to associate that specific logo, with your company.
Shapes, colors, fonts, and images should differ from others to give your company the unique feel it needs.
Why are logo designs important?
Most people know that logos are the first thing a client sees, and will hopefully remember.
Logos play a huge role in distinguishing one company from another.
A logo gives your company the opportunity to be creative, unique, and better than your competition!


What does LCCSWEB do for their clients?
Here at LCCSWEB we are design experts and will help you decide what type of logo is right for your company.

  • Creative Logo: Creative logos are most often made to be fun, eye catching, and different. These logos would generally be more colorful and complex, to catch the attention of customers.


  • Professional Logo: A professional logo is very different than a creative logo and is created for a very different purpose. A professional logo would generally be more simple and clean cut, and is used for businesses such as a law office. These logos are simple, professional, and usually consist of one standard color, in order to maintain a serious and professional image to their clients.


  • 3D Logos: 3D logos can definitely be eye catching, however are not always more effective. If you’re running a business that advertises to children, 3D may be the way to go, but if you are advertising for a landscaping company, it may not be. A 3D logo can give your company and website the extra touch.



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