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LCCSWEB will not only design your website, but also provide online advertising for it. Designing layouts, graphics, websites, and even printed material is great, but what will it accomplish if nobody notices it? Our online advertising will get your business noticed. It will make all the time and money you put into other aspects of your company marketing and development plan worth the investment. Online advertising is a wide spectrum that involves many different facets. The essentials of online advertising are listed below:

  • Advertising Management
  • Post Card Distribution
  • Communications Packages
  • Craigslist Postings
  • Reputation Management
  • TV and Billboard
  • Cell Phone Texting
  • Portal Websites
  • Pay Per Performance
  • Cell Phone Texting
  • Fax Broadcasting


Getting Started: All of these things together in various combinations will culminate in the best possible online advertising campaign. Our experts in online advertisement will be able to pick and choose which of these options are right for your business. We will look at and evaluate your website and also find out the specifics of your client base in order to provide you with the a specialized online marketing and advertising plan. No other company allows the customization options that LCCSWEB does. You online advertising plan will be built from the ground up to incorporate everything your business will need without wasting valuable time on things that will not aid your overall goal of building a successful company.


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Social Media Advertising: Social media marketing is a valuable for of online advertising. Every business (regardless of what you do, make, or sell) can benefit by taking advantage of free online social and sharing websites. The big ones are,,,, and, Skype, Digg, Linkdin, and WordPress. All of these websites are outlets that the average person uses to find out information. Not having a page for your business is a big mistake. Chances are your competition will have one and people will find and choose them over you! To avoid this LCCSWEB can incorporate social media sites into your online advertising plan. This means our experts will build you a page and account on relevant websites and update it with content and information. This goes hand-in-hand with other advertising tactics because as we make and design you graphics and other material it can all be used and applied to this specific form of online advertisement.


Search Engine Optimization: One of the main and most important way people find out information is by using search engines. Websites such as,,, and hundreds more all compile information that people can search for. Having your website come up first when people search for words relevant to your business can exponentially increase your business. The process of gearing your website so that it pops up first for related search on search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO enables you to reach your clients better than your competitors and bring many new leads to your business. SEO is one of the most essential forms of online advertisement.


Premium Mass Marketing: TV, billboards, business videos, and more are all forms of mass marketing. This is generally geared toward generating new clients. Reaching many people at once and getting them to call your business our visit your website is the first step in creating a good last relationship with a great new client. Paired with various forms of online advertising this mass marketing technique will be able to bring you many new clients.


Market Research: Advertising can be very overwhelming and stressful. We know you have a business to run which is why you should leave it to us. In order to do the job the best it can possibly be done we will take the time to do in-depth market research about your company. We will analyze and investigate every aspect of your current setup and your future vision. Using this research we can develop an advertising plan, both online and off, that will guarantee you success.


Pay Per Performance: PPP stands for our specialized Pay Per Performance option. To advertise successfully online there are so many options and choices its hard to even decide where to begin. Many people can be overwhelmed. Other web design companies may claim to be able to “do it all” at a fixed price but this results in low quality and ineffective advertising. LCCSWEB is realistic which is why our clients can opt to do the PPP. This allows us to focus in on certain specific areas of online advertising and hone in on what you need without sacrificing quality. You will pay as we perform our job. This enable you to select what you need done most and get it done right. As the project progresses you can always go back and fill in gaps and refine and fine tune or move onto bigger forms of online advertisement. PPP provides a way for businesses to get their foot in the door when it comes to advertising and expand to their full potential.



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