What is SEO?

Intelligent Search Engine Optimization is part science and part art. LCCSWEBs web development team excels at evaluating search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) algorithms, and the relevance of the content of a website to surfers who might want to engage a company’s products and services.


Once we understand your business, LCCSWEB SEO services focus on making your website noteworthy to users. Consumers want to find the product, service or information effortlessly that guided them to your website. Your visitor finds what they are looking for, and together, we make it easy for them to get it. LCCSWEB can target International markets with the ability to optimize across many languages.


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The search engines, by design, promote sites that perform these modest functions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Consider that in each industry, there are countless businesses trying to make page one, and when every business is trying, it takes skill to stand out. LCCSWEB’s goal is to make your website just that, a standout. Along with proper structuring of your web pages (the science of SEO), we address other aspects of online marketing that make your website conspicuous on the web (the art of SEO).


LCCSWEBs clients can select one of three different levels of service. Each level of service will improve the likelihood that a client’s site will achieve a noteworthy visibility in search engines.

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  • Basic SEO Service Includes:

Unique Keyword Research based Title Tags for each page.
This alone can make a dramatic impact on your site’s search engine friendliness.


Original Call to action snippet Description Tags for each page.
Let your prospective customers know why they want to go to your site, and make sure it’s what they’re looking to find.


  • Enriched SEO Service Includes Basic Level plus:

Keyword analysis and existing content editing for SEO optimization.
Work to identify keywords that will attract web traffic most likely drawn to your products and services. Sometimes a fine brush works better than a roller and vice versa. We will figure out which will work best for you.


Analysis of site construction and link flow.
Your site needs to be friendly to people first, but also easy for Search Engines to “grasp”.

Keyword distribution and semantic structure of Header tags.
Simple structural issues can cause search engines to ignore your site.


Targeted alt and image tags.
Make your website easier for people with accessibility issues, and it helps with SEO.


Give the Search Engines the information they need to index your whole site.
Your Sitemap and Robots.txt files need to be correctly constructed.
Extensive SEO Service Includes Enriched Level plus:


Content creation based on keyword research to create highly optimized pages.
LCCSWEB handles professional copy writing of optimized content that will capture and intrigue your visitors and not stuff keywords.


Site-wide Link organization and sculpting.
We carefully consider design, usability and your website visitor’s experience. Suggesting any necessary changes. Our professionals can perform those changes if you choose.


  • Additional services:

Consultation on Link Building and Link Bait
Brainstorming content to help improve the way visitors can use your site, and make it appealing for them to recommend your site by linking to it. Uncover ideas to help you start a link-harvesting marketing campaign.


Analytics analysis and content refinement
We find out how your past visitors were searching for your website when they found it—then we can build on what’s already working.


Google Places location Map
If your business appeals to people in certain regions, we can make sure you’re using pinpoint search targeting techniques.


Avoid Search Engine Penalties.
Rule out the MUD RUSH checklist (Multiple domains, URL canonical Form, Duplicate content, Re-direction, Unicorn validation, and Semantic HTML).


Competitive Analysis
Who are we up against, and how can we compete? It can be better to focus on areas tough competitors are weak, especially for a new endeavor.


On-site advertising
Make sure any paid advertising is not costing you more in customers than it gains in business.

The results can vary based upon the competition level of the client’s products and services. LCCSWEB makes no specific guarantees about ranking numbers. In addition, SEO is a process that takes place over time, the results of a well-designed SEO plan can take months to reach fruition due to the way search engines index the web


What is RSS? RSS (RDF Site Summary – formerly called Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a method of presenting news or other Web content that is available for “feeding” (distribution or syndication) to the actual reading audience. To publish content, such as news headlines or stories, the given Web site creates a description of that content and its location within the site in the form of an RSS document. What is RSS News? The RSS News is a tool, which allows you to place news in a chosen section of your website.


Popularity Check tool
We recommend that you check the popularity of your website(s) with the top three search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN. The Popularity Check tool allows you to quickly find out how many results for your website(s) are listed in those search engines. Just type the URL and submit the query.


Hotlink Protection
This feature is designed to prevent others from using your images on their website at your expense. It prohibits direct external linking to your image files of the following types: .gif, jpg, .bmp. Linking to these files will be possible from your own website only. For example, if you try to access an image by entering into a browser with Hotlink Protection enabled, you will receive a Forbidden error page, whereas that same image will display correctly when linked to any page from your website. Hotlinking can be enabled for an individual directory or for your entire website at once by protecting only the httpdocs directory.


IP blocking
This feature blocks specified IPs from accessing your website. To block a range of IPs, the part of the IP after the beginning of the range should be left blank. For example, to block all IPs in the range, you should enter 227, for range, the entry should be 227.125. Please keep in mind that although the blocked IPs will not be able to view any of your web pages, they will still show up in your Access Log, since a “403 – Forbidden” message is displayed for them by the web server.


.htaccess Generator
The .htaccess Generator generates the .htaccess code and creates the file in the chosen directory in the hosting account. Using this tool you can specify additional MIME types, set access restrictions, rewrite web page URLs, and much more.



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