Remote Assistance

Remote Assistant Services (RAS) provided by LCCSWEB is a real time saver for both the client and service technician.  With you on the phone we download Team Viewer the necessary software so I can connect remotely to your computer or network server to quickly address any issue that you may be experiencing. Costs for this service are way less than a house call or dropping your computer off at the repair shop. All services are paid thru PayPal at the time of connection. There is a base price for the connection. Call 252-241-0655 24/7/365 Minimum is $20 an hour for diagnostics. Most issues can be solved in that amount of time.

Once payment is made I log in to your computer. I then do a complete diagnostics of the Operating System and Resources being used. Auto Start Applications really consume a large amount of your precious Random Access Memory (RAM).

A few things that will make your computer slow:

  • Not enough hard drive space.
  • Left over programs and bad files.
  • Data Corruption.
  • Missing Windows updates or outdated drivers.
  • Computer is overheating.
  • Corrupt OS.
  • Bad Hardware.

LCCSWEB Remote Assistant Services are a very inexpensive way to keep your computer running at optimal performance. Call me today at 252-241-0655 for quick personal service.



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