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LCCSWEB is more than just our name, its what we do. Our company is dedicated to using web design to better not only your website, but also you business. There are many aspects to creating a successful business and LCCSWEB offers many strategies, techniques, and resources to aid you in achieving your full potential. Our main goal is to please our clients. In order to do this we provide excellent service from an expert staff, great communication, fast paced work environment, customized plans and websites, and no balking on the quality of our work. The main thing that separates LCCSWEB from other design companies is in our ability to cater specifically to you. We know all businesses are different and we make it so that we fulfill your exact needs. Some design houses spit out cookie-cutter style websites that are the same no matter what your business is or actually needs. LCCSWEB does not do this. We will work with you to find the perfect plan for you. Our expert designers will analyze what sort of website you need, what upgrades and additions would work best, what marketing or advertising plan would reach your clients most effectively, and even create a budget and payment plan that works for you. You will not find this sort of customized web design anywhere else and with it LCCSWEB will save you both time and money and most importantly allow you to keep running your business while we take care of our end.


The Team
When you hire LCCSWEB you get a lot. Usually when you hire a web design company all you get is a headache and maybe one designer who racks up a hefty bill. At LCCSWEB this is not the case. When LCCSWEB takes on your job you will get our full team of web designers, creative writers, graphic designers, coders, and advertising/marketing experts at your disposal. Our staff members are he best in their respective fields and have years and years of experience under their belts. LCCSWEB has been around and designing websites since 1997 and has been building and ever growing team in both size and quality.


Websites Made For Your Business
Before the designing or advertising can begin the first thing we will do is research and analyze your business to find a package that is right for you. LCCSWEB has found that the majority of businesses fall into four categories (if yours does not then do not worry we will still be able to help you!): Informational, Small Business, Municipality, and Enterprise Solutions. Each one of these packages is made to accommodate specialized needs. For example the small business package involves things like basic website development because this is something new and smaller businesses lack. While the large enterprise solution package recognizes that larger businesses generally already have a website so we gear it towards site upgrades and refinement combined with a more aggressive advertising approach. Selecting an overall package is only the first step in our overall customization process yet a very important one.


Customization of Upgrades and Add-ons
After the initial package is chosen then the in-depth personalization with custom options, upgrades, and add-ons can begin. Just because you fall into one of the specific categories that does not mean you will necessarily need everything or you may even need additional things. Those four categories are an important base but within them every website is still entirely different and unique. That is why at this point our team will further dissect your site and find out what things will benefit it most. Not only this but also what things are essential and should be put up on your website as soon as possible and what things can wait until later down the line. This process allows you to pick and choose and even come back to things at any point.



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