Celebrating 20 Years in Service

20yearjpgWhen the clock struck midnight on January 15th, 2016 and we rolled into a new year, LCCSWEB entered its 20th anniversary year. As our agency reached that milestone, we wanted to pause and reflect a bit on the past and what it means for our future.

Looking back, so much has changed in the technology and marketing landscape. When we started the firm, there was no such thing as Google. Twitter was certainly not around. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was probably in the fifth grade. There were no mobile phones or text messages. But we ventured out into the digital world anyway. Our first major project was launching the first website for Commonwealth – Trading.com in 1995 and it still represents something important to us. We started building Real Estate and Commercial Databases before Homes.come and Realtor.com were even a dream. Clients from Hilton Head Island Remax flocked to get our new software and implement the info into their websites. Now we offer a broad array of website services. Look through our services and portfolio and call us when you are ready to start or redesign your next website project.



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